Monday, July 4, 2011

My Creative Space: A Quilted Headboard

Now that my big girl is in her bed, and we have rearranged her room she really needed a head board.  But my goodness to buy these things are expensive!  It seems even more so if you are looking for character or originality.  I still find my self being hit with a barrage of pink when looking for anything slightly girly. Perhaps I am looking in the wrong places, please redirect me if you think I am.

All of this led me to "Why don't I make it myself".  Armed with mdf, some timber, batting, foam, a few power tools, spray adhesive, buttons and sewing machine we have this... a quilted white head board with randomly sized and placed buttons.  I love spray adhesive - it has come in handy for a few things.

Luckily you cannot see the back of the head board.  The back is purely functional and hardly pretty.  Problem is that when her blinds and curtains are open you can see a corner of the poor finishing through the window.  One day, when my belly is back to normal size I shall felt the back and tidy it all up.

In the meanwhile KB adores her head board.  I could not believe how excited she was to have it up.  It has proven to become a wonderful bedtime quiet game tool too.  KB counts the buttons, we match buttons and she practices her colours.  Who knows what we might do with the buttons next!

Now KB has a  hand crafted head board to match her up cycled Dr Seuss foot stool.

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  1. fantastic! love the idea of using buttons to decorate it with. We made one with MDF too for Amelie's bed- luckily the back of it is up against a wall as the back is not a pretty sight either!

  2. Very cute!! Who needs to buy one hey.. Love it!

  3. Love your 'make it myself' attitude. And off you go!! I'm always 'I should do that' and then nothing happens! Sigh. x

  4. Roch the Builder. You are just discovering so many more areas that you can explore your creativity in aren't you? If "bump" is a boy child he will be well prepared for hammering and sawing now:) Love it. Can't wait to see KB's room when I am home again. Ciao


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