Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A mouse took a stroll through the deep dark wood...

We celebrated our daughters second birthday during the weekend.  One of her favourite books is the “Gruffalo” so we celebrated to this theme.  
KB wears her home made ears and tail - she was of course the mouse!  Her cousin proudly wore his home made Gruffalo costume. My sister is very clever!!

KB’s most favourite sweets are marshmallows, so requested a chocolate and marshmallow birthday cake.  This became a chocolate swiss roll filled with home made marshmallow, covered in chocolate and decorated as a log from the deep, dark wood.  I managed to craft a wee (well actually he is quite tubby) fondant mouse - eating the nut.

We also had scrambled snake (scrambled egg with sushi roll), owl icecream, roasted fox (chicken) sandwiches and Gruffalo crumble.  
The crumble was a home made apple crumble with boysenberries for his purple prickles, green grapes for his poisonous wart, his orange eyes were apricots and his black tongue was licorice erupting from the crumble.  It was delicious!!

The table setting was the woodland scene complete with edible toadstools and leaves.

I now get to look forward to my nephews birthday and working with my sister on creating something fun for him!!!

Happy Birthday my Little Mouse x


  1. that is so awesome Rochelle! that book is one of Amelie's favourites too. what a great idea for a party theme- love those owl icecreams!

  2. Thanks Megan. You should have seen her little friends all dressed up! Seriously cool. We had a face painter on stand by - but the kids were just to into each other and the food. Forgot to mention our Gruffalo hunt. Craig hid Gruffalo masks around the garden and the kids went hunting - it was so funny because they loved it and just ran around like wild animals.

  3. Awesome! The Gruffalo is a big favourite here too.

  4. That whole set up of party food is just amazing!! The cake is incredible - cute little fondant mouse! Such detail - I'd like a party like that too! Great job!

    Jill @ Creating my way to Success

  5. you did an amazing job!! im sure your little mouse was very pleased :)

  6. Oh how cute!! Looks like fun was had by all :)

  7. What a delightful party!!

  8. WOW!!!!! You have done it again. And I missed out again. KB looks so cute and the birthday food table is amazing. What fun. Well done you:) Ciao

  9. Fantastic! That mouse/log cake is AWESOME!
    Sorry it took me so long to come by and see your party post (I've been traveling...)
    Love the theme. Love the food ideas. FAB!!!!


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