Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Munchkins - Bed linen and Accessories for Infants and Children

What an exciting week it has been for our family!!

A trip to Auckland Zoo with Uncles, Aunty and Cousin.  A stay in the city, with a special bubbles and chocolate and breakfast hotel deal (exciting in a different way when you are pregnant and order an extra bed for your sweet little toddler!).  A trip on the ferry to Devonport for a delicious dinner at Manuka.  Dropping Daddy at the Auckland Airport to bid him farewell on his week in Singapore.

Around and in between that I helped my sister buy a business.  I am so excited about this as she will really do so well in this line.

Check out Munchkins.  An online business supplying NZ designed bed linen and accessories for infants and children.  The designs appeal to me because of their character - surfers, safari, jungle, farm animals.  They are simple yet effective.

Check out the website for more kids bedroom related products and "like" their facebook page to make a new business Mum's day.

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