Tuesday, April 5, 2011

My Monthly Moves Closer to Eco-Living: March

This has been a "back of my mind" project for sometime. Now it's time to be a little more transparent about it.  So here goes...my first month of five steps toward eco-living:

1.  Homemade Cleaning and Anti-bacterial Products
     Inspired by Megan @ Mousehouse and Wendyl the Green Goddess.  So far we have made the cleaning spray and antibacterial spray.  Enjoying them both.

2.   Frege bags
      I try to use reusable shopping bags as often as possible.  I love my frege bags given to me by my sister.  She sells these as a little business.  You could also make them if you were super skilled with your     sewing machine.  Or see this link to make your own grocery tote.

3.   Old Tea Towels - New Cleaning Cloths
      Now that I am sifting out my shop brought cleaners and very excitedly using my homemade ones I am also trying to cut down on using paper towels for cleaning and using old tea towels.  Use, wash, reuse!

4.  Hot steam mop
     We bought a hot steam mop over summer.  Love, love, love it.  Steaming hot water to wash our tiles.         No product just water.  Uses power, but leaves us with a natural clean.

5.  Seasonal Harvesting and Sowing
     I have started really putting an effort into seasonal produce shopping and I am back into our vege garden.  Delish!  Loving my weekly inspiration from Lynda Hallinan of NZ Gardener.

Borrowed from the NZ Gardener Magazine website.  Well worth a visit.

Roll on April to see where my moves toward eco-living take me.  I would love to hear any of the small but significant moves toward eco-living which you are making.


  1. hi, I am always trying to make that move too :) It is exciting to see so many others also doing this.
    I have been making my own washing powder for a while and Im about to try Wendyl's laundry liquid. i refuse to use chemicals to clean so mostly use vinegar and baking soda. We are also attempting to follow a "real food" diet.

  2. have you come across linda hallinan's blog? a friend put me on to it the other day
    your sisters bags look great, where does she sell them?
    glad you are enjoying the cleaning recipe's, i am loving the spray cleaner so much!


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