Sunday, April 3, 2011

Baker's and Baking Delight!

What a delightful weekend we have had!

We packed up a delicious home baked picnic, inspired by recipes from my favourite recipe books, and drove down to Ohope this morning to support "Daddy" and his friends in the Ohope Half Marathon. IT WAS WET, WET, WET!  Nevertheless the bacon and egg pie, sausage rolls, cinni rolls and muffins were all enjoyed from the back of a car while we waited for prize giving.

"Daddy" won a enduro hoodie - perfect to warm up in.  He ran very well too, just seconds from breaking the 90 minute mark.

At home I checked my stats on my blog to find that people had been to visit me from Megan's Mousehouse.  Curious to find out why I checked her blog and what do you know - I won a prize too!   Yippeee!
Such a lovely treat after a big night of little sleep with a little girl teething her two year old molars, temps and possible ear infections and sore throat!!!

Thanks Megan for running your Baker's Delight Give Away.  Click here to find out how Baker's Delight are supporting Starship Hospital.

Had hoped to practice my photography and take some perfect picnic shots.  Alas, the rain stopped that. So just the shot above of some of the homemade goodies.

Here are the recipe books inspiring mine and K's kitchen adventures at the moment.

Ripe Recipes - from Auckland's Ripe Delicatessen Cafe owner Angela Redfern.  Devine recipes set out seasonally.  Great for those pursuing the seasonal culinery delights for the first time.  We are enjoying nourishing dinner dishes from this book.  If you have visited this cafe I would love to hear about it!

Rachel's Favourite Food at Home - Rachel Allen is a wonderful Irish woman.  I particularly love her simplicity and her hosting of Market Kitchen.  My "Mummy's Real Tomato Sauce" seen above was made from this book.  So simple and a much healthier alternative to shop bought.

Destitute Gourmet Everyday Smart Food for the Family - Sophie Gray, the Destitute Gourmet promotes seasonal food shopping and great meals on a budget.  My pastry for the pie and cinni rolls came from  this book.

Ladies, a plate - traditional home baking compiled by Alexa Johnston.  Takes me right back to my childhood and what it means to be Kiwi.  Our picnic's sausage rolls and bacon and egg pie recipe came from this eclectic collection.

Hope you have a happy week full of yummy food x


  1. love your "Go Daddy' pie and the homemade sauce! Well done Mr P for the race :) I am getting so into making homemade cleaning stuff and the like but am absolutely hopeless in the cooking department and just don't have the same motivation as I do for all the other things I make. Poor Ben lives in hope I will catch the cooking bug some day...! A friend of mine loves Sophie Gray's books and is always using them for baking and dinners recipe's. I loved her book Live well Spend less, very inspiring.
    Hope you get a better nights sleep tonight and K is feeling better in the morn :)

  2. Oh Teeth Suck!! My son got his first tooth last week!
    I tried Rachel Alans Beef wellington last week and it was YUMMY!! Love her cooking. She also made a beautiful spinach soup which looked good!

  3. Thanks, ladies! Much better nights sleep - with fever broken. I was quite proud of my pie - especially because I made the pastry. Megan, it looks like Ben does some great cooking in your house. I am slowly being distracted from cooking with the home made cleaning products I must say! Thanks, Rachel I might try that beef wellington soon, after the pumpkin has been dealt with!


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