Friday, June 10, 2011

Ears, Nose, Throat : Natural Remedies & Adjustments

Wednesday's morning awakening by my little treasure...

"Mama, need to see Christie",  
 "Why darling?"
"For a just ment"
"on my ears".

We have visited our family chiropractor "Zest" for almost two years since KB was a month old.  She is so very aware of when her body is misaligned and needs adjusting - it amazes me!

KB has had a runny nose and a slight cough.  Clearly it had progressed and she knew she needed an adjustment.  However, I did not listen as well as I could have.  Consequently we had a restless evening with my little girl coughing through the night wincing with discomfort.  A visit to the Dr suggested she may have an infection and sore throat, so prescribed antibiotics.  Lesson learnt - listen to your daughter who listens to her body!  Off to see Christie we go.

KB's little spine was adjusted to optimise her immunity and boost her energy to help her body fight its way to wellness.  She loves her adjustments.  Christie gave us some natural remedies to accompany her adjustment.

Apple Cider Vinegar as a Tonic
1 tsp morning and night to relieve a sore throat and break up phlegm deep in the chest.

Verdict so far - a good nights sleep for KB.  Any coughing is loosening up the phlegm and when she does cough it is not followed with crying or wincing.   With her taste for mediteranean food, KB does not mind her apple cider shot, however I could see that some toddlers would be adverse to this tonic.  Further research on this tonic suggests that adding the apple cider to 1/4 cup of water is best.

Olive Oil Ear Drops
A drop of olive oil in each ear in the evening to loosen up any wax and help the body lubricate that which needs to function well.

Verdict so far - KB is not paying as much attention to her ears.  We still need to observe this really.

Vitamin C in her water bottle
During winter KB has her special vitamin C tea with her breakfast.  Putting it in her water bottle is a great idea too for sipping on throughout the day.  This will boost her immune system giving her body some strength to fight any bugs.

Aunty Lyn's Syrup for Coughs, Sore throats and Sniffles
This is the tried and true soothing combination of lemon and honey in a lovely syrup.  As a syrup it clings to the throat with its soothing properties.

1 part honey
1 part glycerine
2 parts lemon

Other little ways I have been trying to help KB cope with the sniffles and coughs

Lavender drops on a tissue in her pillow slip - for a relaxing sleep.
Eucalyptus drops on a tissue in her pillow slip - for easier breathing when her nose is blocked.

Daily probiotics - especially important if we do decide to take the anti biotics.  I have noticed in the past that anti biotics can have a harsh effect on her stomach.  When she has been on a probiotic the anti biotics have less of an impact on her tummy.

I am so grateful for being encouraged to see winter sniffles and slight fevers as opportunities for KBs immunity to strengthen and using natural alternatives to support rather than suppress the bodies processes.

I would love to hear any of your natural remedies or even if you have had success with any of the above.
Have a cosy weekend x

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  1. Some great suggestions there! I will have to try out the cider vinegar trick. Both my kids love anything vinegary so it shouldn't be too hard to get them to take it. I used to drink hot cider vinegar and honey drinks as a kid. Just topped up with boiling water. So yum and really good for digestion :-)


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