Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Taken to a Magic Place with Finger Paint

Inspired by my last task for course one of my playcentre diploma, and the wonderful book "Magic Places" I got stuck into making K some finger paint.

Oh how glorious this stuff is!  Silky, thick, rich in colour and texture.

Here is my modified recipe (playcentre ingredients in brackets)

Finger Paint
1c        cornflour         (2c)
1/2 c    cold water      (1c)
2c        boiling water  (4c)
2tbsp     liquid soap      (1/4 c lux soap flakes)

Whisk together and when blended divide into  smaller bowls and add as much or as little of tempura paint as you wish.  This should keep well for a few weeks in sealed containers.

One of the self led learning opportunities finger paint can offer our little lovelies is the chance to interact with and observe colour blending along with texture and pattern making.  So appealing to the senses!

I limited the colour choices to red and yellow so that K could enjoy and observe those colours.  I have noticed that when she paints at playcentre the colours are not as important to her as the feeling of the paint on her skin.  So finger paints offer her the best of both worlds, and the small colour pallet helps her to appreciate colour.

It was truly relaxing to watch her immerse herself in her painting, listen to her language which accompanied her experience, and observe how she used palms, forearms and fingers in a variety of ways.

" scooping, circles, smashing, fingers, push, painting, what's dis one? bubbles, squeeze"


  1. Wow. Back in our days at playcentre we couldn't have even imagined using a blog to record our learning but oh what rich and enduring learning it was! It's so cool to have such a powerful picture of Kaea and Rochelle's learning together and to be reminded of the potence and potential that such apparently simple experiences can lend to our lives.

  2. Hi Rochelle, Just thanked you for the Versatile Blogger award, and linked to your blog.
    I loved my days at our small rural playcentre, ended up being Education coordinator,but loved the learning, it helped me grow as a young Mother. cheers Marie

  3. fantastic. I love her words. :)


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