Monday, May 16, 2011

Many Projects on the go! Piles of washing makes me slow!!

It seems my posts have taken a back seat while I try to conquer the accumulating piles of washing due to inclement weather!

 My pup Tilly had a gastro virus too - so been playing pet nurse.  And my little girl seems to be of the opinion that she no longer requires a day sleep.  So there goes Mama time for crafting or my own napping so that I may craft in the evening!

My hands have been filled with baking, cooking, natural remedy creating and trying to solve the ever constant question of "How do I deal with this new stage of child development?"

All sprinkled with the occassional thought and hand given to some sort of crafting. So, I still exist.  Today I wanted to share with you the gorgeous fabric for my first ever quilt.

I am about to embark on using my new cutting mat, and rotary cutter to prepare my blocks.  Exciting!

Sew Mama Sew have many wonderful tips and tutorials and I shall be following them over the next few weeks.  If you are new to quilting like me check out this tutorial for preparing and cutting.

So, please leave me some comments of encouragement over the next couple of weeks to move me along through my quilting project.  Hopefully I will post more soon!


  1. just last night I cut out some squares to make a little baby blanket, need to buy a rotary cutter and mat sometime! love your fabrics, will check out your quilting links thanks!

  2. Though you wee darling might not want a sleep, it is still a good idea to have a nap, maybe both of you on the big bed, you can do some hand sewing etc, and she might just fall asleep. My washing is hung up above the fireplace drying. cheers Marie


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