Thursday, March 24, 2011

Crochet Fairy Set

My second crochet star-to-wand attempt is another gift for a very sparkly friend of K's.  This little friend is very special to K and I decided to extend on the wand idea for her.  Using Tangled Happy's original pattern  I embroidered an "L" onto this one to personalise it for Missy Moo.  Every sparkly fairy needs a pouch for fairy dust.  The pouch pattern I found online and was originally created as an apple cozy ( designed by Kristen TenDyke)...classic!  I loved the shape.  To complete the trio a puff stitch flower secured to a head band, as modeled by my gorgeousaur below.  

I am really enjoying my adventures in crochet and have to say another big thank you to Tangled Happy for the tantalising motivation.  Find the puff flower pattern at Easy by Tara - crochet extraordinaire!

Now, off to wrap the gift for the fairy - and begin my daughters set....which she keeps asking about! x


  1. wow they look amazing, what a lovely trio of gifts for the lucky little girl. love the fairy stars pouch!

  2. Thanks! And thanks for sharing my creative space on your FB page, was lovely to get new visitors

  3. Super cute! Love the little pouch for the fairy dust. Perfect! Thanks for sending me the link. :)


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