Sunday, March 27, 2011

A Busy Book by Megan from Mousehouse

One of my favourite blog's is Mousehouse by Megan.  It is a gorgeous collection of all things domestic.  Written with class and style!  Megan has recently been nominated for  a Stylish Blogger Award by Stitchbird of Stitchbird Fabrics.  I love the reason Stitchbird gives for the nomination which includes acknowledging Megan's journey from non-sewer to such a sewer!

Megan is currently creating and constructing a "Busy Book" for her children.  It looks fantastic so far and will be brilliant and much loved when completed.  Please visit her Creative Space if you have not already seen this project.

This image by Megan from Mousehouse - an example of a page from her Busy Book.

Megan's busy book got me to thinking...perhaps I could co-ordinate a "Busy Book Block Swap" just like a quilters block swap.

Here are some of my initial thoughts:
 Someone might take zips, some one clips, a person for threading etc. Each participant makes a number of pages in their "theme" and we post off to each other. We would need specific dimensions, but I am sure it could work. 

Of course to make it work we need a group of people to show their interest, share their thoughts and I will get it all co-ordinated for us.  Then hopefully our little ones will have their own lovingly and creatively, kiwi made busy book to explore sometime this year!

Leave a comment to share your interest and ideas or if you would prefer send me an email - subject "Busy Book Block Swap"



  1. Thats such a great idea! I dont have any little ones at home anymore but would love to join in and pass mine on as a gift to another special little child.
    And I agree, Megan's blog is one of my favourite too. She's so creative and inspiring!

  2. I love this idea Rochelle! I was actually thinking of something similar yesterday which is a coincidence- where crafters complete a busy book page or two which are then combined with other crafters pages and the finished books are donated to a somewhere like Starship- wouldn't they be great to have in hospitals to keep little hands and minds busy. Maybe there would be crafters out there that could make up one page for their own children's busy book, and one page for Starship? Or another kids charity? Just a thought....
    If you make up a 'Busy Book Block Swap' button I'll share it on my blog with my next busy book post and link to this post :)
    (and thanks for the kind words about my blog!)
    From Megan


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