Friday, February 11, 2011

Wearing my undies on the outside!

Quite a few years and many moons ago a respected employer told me that I seem to wear my undies on the outside!  No, not like those work mates you have had with their t-bars out for all to see, or the home boys with their lowered crotches and boxers puffing out the top, nor those people who wear belts for skirts.  I suffered from undies on the outside syndrome running around being super woman in my professional career.
Back then I am sure my undies would have been, if worn on the outside and visible, gorgeous little briefs - you know attractive, not practical like I seem to wear these days.  Sadly, this syndrome has followed me into motherhood.  I think it emerged when KB was around six months old and the breast feeding was getting easier.

Only these undies are not brief.  They are beige, the waistline sits under my chest, they are ill fitting and sensible.  The size of them is so overwhelming that they impair my ability to look after myself, they make me imagine when signs of sickness or stress poke me on the shoulder that it's nothing it will pass.
These undies have given me nothing but grief this year and the pokes of unwellness have turned into an almighty slap to the ground!  I have been sick for almost a week, completely incapable of doing anything but resting.  Thank goodness for friends and family support.  Even my Dr is unsure of what is wrong - but here take these antibiotics anyway!

So I will be stripping away those undies and burning them!  I will be super to no one if I keep wearing my undies on the outside. So more Aloha Time, more listening to me and making a real effort to remember my needs too.

Where do you really wear your undies?

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