Saturday, February 12, 2011

Off to Playcentre for our first visit!

K (19months old) summed up the day before her well earned lunchtime nap...

"Playcentre, saw fish, bubbies, baby swim"

My learning journey begins again too! I am going to be working on my 'Playcentre Education Diploma".  If you are keen to follow me then check out my 'Learning through Play' tab above.

Thanks to Megan @ Mousehouse for the tip via Clipcafe on using Piknik with images, love it.

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  1. it's great isn't it, i used to have to do this really crazy way of getting text onto photo's using appleworks then putting the image into iphoto so piknik is so much quicker and easier!
    PS: i've put a link to your blog on my list of local bloggers down the side of my blog, there's a few of us now! :)


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