Thursday, February 3, 2011

Aloha Time

I gleaned this gem of a concept from a local business woman a year ago.  In a conversation she talked about her “Aloha Day”, a day to love herself!  Back then I thought that was a wonderful idea but wondered how I would fit this in?  
Since entering motherhood I have had this huge need to justify my place in our family.  Constantly thinking how I could bring money into our home, while being a mum.  Multi-tasking every waking second of the day - because if I did I would see my self as useful.  I have a whole day each week when my daughter visits with her Nana and Poppa - very lucky I know.  On these days if not working I would try and fit in ten times more than usual and often finish the day feeling shattered and disappointed that I did not really get enough done!!  What was wrong with me?

This year I have many great reasons to embrace some “Aloha Time” and I will be!  So far I have had two Aloha days.  On the first I strolled the Mount mainstreet, had lunch out with a friend and bought a new dress. The simple fact that I “strolled” and took my time was very invigorating.  What’s more I felt like “me” rather than “someone’s something”!  On the second I read. And read.  And read.  A complete luxury.  I highly recommend reading “Short Fat Chick to Marathon Runner” by Kerre Woodham. Whether you run or not, share her body shape or not, read it.  She is entertaining, she collects inspiring stories from real people together - she reminds me of how amazing the human mind, body and spirit can be.
So I am looking forward to future “Aloha Time” to feed and refresh my ( me and no one else) mind, body and spirit.
If you ever get the chance visit Sarah from Refresh Beauty Therapy and tell her about your “Aloha Time”

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