Saturday, August 20, 2011

Soundtrack to Give Birth to...

Music plays a big role in our family.  Its a mood changer, a motivator, a memory trigger and moment capturer!

During our first pregnancy with our daughter a friend of mine and my partner spent their time coming up with a birthing soundtrack.  It featured songs such as Salt'n'Pepper "Push it", Johnny Cash "Burning Ring of Fire", and the song "It started with a kiss" - who sings that?

My pick for the birthing room was Europe's "Final Countdown" - I liked the big sound, slow build up and victorious conclusion.  Of course using this song never eventuated, in fact no music was, our daughter arrived reasonably quick.  I must say that I did think of songs during labour.

This morning I had some me time and while out on the road cranking the Rock I heard Bon Jovi's "Living on a Prayer" and thought that would be another great song to give birth too!

I would love you to add to the sound track for giving birth to... did you use music, do you have a song that is in your opinion the one for the "event"?  Let me know and may be we will finally put the sound track together.

We have five days til due date so we are on the "Final Countdown"!!

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