Thursday, August 25, 2011

Sisters...what a gift!

Well, while I wrote my last post on birthing soundtracks I was going into labour!  It was very surreal.
Little Elidi arrived in super quick time days before her due date on Saturday evening!

Our big girl spent that night with her treasured Nana and Poppa.  While Nana and Poppa were none the wiser - just thought we were tired and their grand daughter wanted to stay over - KB knew otherwise.  Her Dad even heard her say to Nana "Mama's at home doing yoga".  That was her interpretation of witnessing a contraction in process and her Mumma breathing through it.

We chose not to share our news of Elidi's arrival to the world until her big sister had met her.  On Sunday morning when her Daddy picked her up he showed her photos of her new sister.  Even the fact that she really had a sister was surreal to me as KB had spent the last month talking about her baby sister (and none of us knew the gender of our baby).

By the time she arrived at the hospital she was ecstatic and crawled over Mum to the bassinet to see her sister and all of this came out:

"Aw my sister"  "Hello Babe" "My baby sister I love you" and then straight into singing her her favourite lullaby "Chi baba"

It was such a tender moment that while I watched and marveled at how beautiful and loving my girl is her Daddy shed many proud tears.

Elidi is five days old today and as in her names definition "Gift of the sun" she is a true little gift  - another beautiful daughter for Mum and Dad, and a sister for KB.

I hope their relationship as sisters is one full of rich memories, fond times, interesting challenges and lots of love as my relationship with my sister has and continues to be.


  1. So my girls, all three of you, as I sit here being a big sop, I send you all my love and can't wait to share hugs with you all. May you share many special girly moments over the upcoming days, months and years be they happy, sad, tiring, and trying, but undoubtedly special. I know I would've loved a sister and know KB will be a super one. Arohanui, Mawee:)

  2. Wow! Congratulations. Sisters are the best. I have three and I was so happy when Juliette was born that Isabella would experience the joy of having a sister. I am pregnant now with number three so another little sister or brother is on the way for the two of them. Enjoy the magic! Suz


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