Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Summer Tee Pee

I love tee pees!  Last year while cruising the internet I found many gorgeous tee pees, my favourite being those who had the hand made touch.  They reminded me of childhood summers spent under our tent made of bed sheets in the shade and with use of the branches of a nectarine tree.

In time for Christmas I managed to create these tee pee for my daughter and her cousin using this pattern from Spotlight - made from sheeting even!!

One was appliqued while the other featured stars.  I love the idea of tee pees providing a little space for peace and serenity for big brothers or sisters.  That is of course until little brothers or sisters learn to crawl!

KB still loves to share with her wee sister and read to her, so for now her tee pee is a shared space.

'dell has taken to his tee pee so much that it has become his nap time destination!  For this I am so grateful as when he unwrapped this Christmas present from his Aunty it sure paled in comparison to his cousins bike from her Aunty!!

If you've not seen the tee pee pattern from Spotlight and want to practice straight lines and seams like I did, take a look. This is a great project, simple with potential to become a magnificent project.

What do you think?  I would love to read your comments, they will motivate me to keep trying to find a space in my hectic life to post that which my busy hands have created!!  Thinking about a give away too...

Hope to post again soon x


  1. Man those are some cute kids playing in those tee pees!

  2. You've done a great job! I love the colours and applique on the first one. I've had that pattern bookmarked for a while, but haven't got round to trying it yet... you may just have given me the motivation, thanks!

  3. Love the colours on the appliqued teepee, thanks for the link to the tutorial and great idea to use sheeting too, I think I have some spare.

  4. They look fanatastic - and the kids obviously love them. Well done!

  5. Great tent. I made a teepee for my little boy using a pattern in the Crafty Kid book by Kelly Doust and I must say I'm quite disappointed. Looks like I should've just gone to Spotlight!

  6. they look fantastic Rochelle, love the applique details, well done!!


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