Sunday, October 9, 2011

Oil Spill in our Beautiful Bay

Mr G, local and internationally acclaimed graffiti artist and local artist OD provoking the need for immediate action in the Bay of Plenty to clean our waters of the oil and stranded cargo ship devastating our environment.
So hard to fathom that this is happening in our neighbourhood.
("hui" pronounced "hoo - ee" means to meet)


  1. Great art and sentiments, cheers Marie

  2. It makes me mad that the media are trying to make a big deal about tax payer money being used for this clean up. Get a grip people, this is a major ecological disaster for our little Nation, and a massive kick in the guts for the BOP when the area is already suffering under the PSA dramas. Go the Government, very happy for my taxes to be used to help protect our waters and coastline.


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